Frequently Asked Questions

Vietnam visa on arrival is pre-arranged visa collected on arrival at the airport. It was launched by Vietnam Government in 2007 to help travelers enter Vietnam easier and faster.

Apply as early as possible. Although the application is processed and ready for pick-up within a couple of business days, you should apply at least 1 week before date of travel, particularly when you lodge a paper application in person or by post at a local embassy, you should apply at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. 

In order to pick up visa for Vietnam on arrival, you must lodge visa application online through travel agents. There are plenty of agents willing to help you with application and we are one of those. Please take note that we do not have influence on visa decision. Our duty is to give you advice on visa, help you lodge visa application and deal with department on your behalf. 

Yes. You can apply for the visa on arrival online from anywhere in the world. The process of application stays the same even though you live in Australia or abroad.


You are not requested to provide any documents to apply for visa on arrival. Completing the online visa form as accurately as possible is all you need to start an application.


When you apply online on our site, an approval letter will be issued stating that you are entitled to collect the visa on arrival. Print the letter; bring it to the airport with you. Present it to check in flight and present again at Immigration checkpoint with your passport, 01 passport-sized photo, completed entry and exit form and stamping fee (in cash, USD/VND) to get visa stamp.

Visa approval letter can be used to get your visa on arrival at all Vietnam’s international airports including Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and some other smaller airports.

Regardless of type of visa for which you are applying, the average time to process a visa application is 2 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and national holidays). In order to get the visa decision earlier, you will have to pay extra cost for fast track service. (read more at Urgent Vietnam visa on arrival)

Before begin your application, please make sure that you have a passport valid for no less than 6 months prior to the trip.

No, you don’t. If you are not sure about when you will start the trip, you just need to provide the intended date of arrival. Please keep in mind that the arrival date on the application form will be considered as the first day that your visa becomes valid.

Yes, you are able to follow the same procedure to lodge online application on behalf of your friend or family.

It’s very important that you are very careful to enter the personal information. After you submit the form, we will send you a confirmation email. You have a chance to review all details you have provided. If there is an error in the application, you have to notify us immediately for correction. If you catch the error after your application has been already processed, you must make a new application.

Yes. All non-Vietnamese visitors, irrespective of adults or infants, need a visa to visit Vietnam 

To ensure that you will receive our email notifications,

·   Make sure your email address is valid

·   Make sure you provide us with the correct email

·   Make sure your email storage capacity is not full

·   Check your spam folder

Visa on arrival allows you to stay in Vietnam for maximum period of 3 months for each visit.  

We offer several fast track services for urgent cases. In order to apply for emergency visa to Vietnam, you can either lodge the online visa application or send visa request to our email address at Read details at urgent Vietnam visa on arrival.

You can print the letter in black and white or in colour. Both of them work fine at the airport.

There is nothing to worry about it. They are the people lodging application the same day that you apply. When there are too many applications lodged in one day, we often put them into groups to process quicker. But if you’re concerned about privacy or security, please send us the private message in the application. We are willing to arrange you a separate approval letter.

There is no problem when you take a tourist visa to enter Vietnam as a businessman. Usually, anybody can ask for tourist or business visa without having to prove their real purpose for the trip. Therefore,you should decide Vietnam visa type based on intended length of stay in Vietnam rather than purpose of the trip. 

Yes. If your visa application is refused, a full refund will be made within 12 hours. 

You can use credit card of your friends or family (with their permission) to make the payment if you do not have a credit card or your credit card is damaged.

Provided that you do not leave the transit area of the airport, a Vietnam transit visa is not required. In case you want to go out of the airport and visit the city, you need to apply for 1 month single visa because only escorted tours sponsored by travel companies are able to get the transit visa.

We ensure that your online transaction by credit card is fully secured. All credit card payment is conducted via the internet payment gateway operated by Transport Layer Security(TLS). TLS provides communication security over the internet. Your credit card details will never be shared with a third party. 

Normally, we do not issue the visa payment receipt unless you ask for. Therefore, if you need an invoice for your payment, please leave the message in the application form. We will send it to you via email as soon as possible.

No. The credit/debit card payment for visa stamp is not accepted. You must pay the stamping fee by cash in USD or VND.

Yes, certainly. You can extend your visa after arriving in Vietnam. The maximum duration for extension you can request is 3 months.

We advise you lodge application for visa extension about 7 days before visa expiry date.

At any time you want to get your visa extended, please send us the scan copy of your passport to examine then we will inform you the service fee and collect your passport for processing. Further information on Vietnam visa extension is available at this page.


Our staff will collect your passport in person at your address. When the processing is completed, we will return the passport to you.Please be noted that our visa extension service is currently available in Hanoi, Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh City only.


In general, it takes about 5-7 business days to finalise your application. If you wish to speed up the process, the additional fee will be required.

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